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Bangwere Bungalows ('Bang-where-ray') is a new place by the sea on north Ambrym, opened in 2009.

Tankyu tumas Mayumi for updating Bangwere Bungalows.

Costs and Booking
Bangwere costs 2500 Vatu for one person, including local style meals. Guides/carriers for the Mount Marum volcano are 2000 Vatu each, the kastom fee is 2000 Vatu per person. Transfers to and from the airport at Craig Cove can be arranged. Exchange Rates.

In Ranvetlam, the person to contact is Bongmeleun ('Bong-may-loon'), mobile 5605843. In Port Vila you can book through Abel: 5697667 or 5449173 (mobile).

Bangwere has three bungalows, one has a double bed and two have single beds.

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22/06/2010 Standard


We arranged our bungalow and 2-day volcano trek through Ruben, the owner of the bungalows. Although the overall experience was memorable and adventurous, I was disappointed with the value, reliability, and quality of the accommodation and tourism services provided by Ruben. Bangwere is in a beautiful location on a cliff, reachable by boat (10,000 vatu) from Craig Cove (about 3 hour trip). We also enjoyed the hearty meals and the walk to the village of Ranvetlam at night for kava and dancing. However, we found the standard of accommodation to be disappointing and severely overpriced (at $30/person, or $60/bungalow in our case). While the bungalows are cute from the outside, they are very basic, with makeshift walls and floors and spiders. No mosquito net was provided, and the mosquito coil stopped working. Roosters were noisy, especially after 5 AM. It was not a pleasant sleep. The "western" shared bathroom unit was ok, but the running water was only turned on in the morning.

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