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Black Beach Bungalows is a relatively new place on west Ambrym, opened in 2007. It's located by the beach between Sanesup and Port Vato, about 1.5 km west of the village of Lonmei ('Lon-my').

Black Beach Bungalow is a solid bungalow built of local materials with two rooms, one double and one twin. They have a rainwater tank.

It costs 1500 Vatu, per person to stay at Black Beach Bungalow, including meals. Exchange rates.

For more information you can contact Jimmy Melip at Lonmei on 5432269 (mobile) or 48686 (community phone). In Vila you might contact Jimmy's borther, Silas Joel on 5447673 (mobile).

Joseph Talo at Vanuatu Discovery Tours in Port Vila has sent tourists here before, phone 23167, mobile 7746312 or 5546312.

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