Bulevak Guesthouse at Baiap, Ambrym, Vanuatu
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Bulevak is a community guest house on west Ambrym at Baiap village ('by-ap'). It's a friendly place and hot springs are the local attraction. Volcano treks can also be arranged here (via Meltungon).

Like most villages in Vanuatu, Baiap is quite traditional and best suited to culturally-minded visitors. There are separate swimming areas for male and females and this should be considered by couples.

Thanks to Zarah Heyworth, the first guest, for providing us the information here.

Costs and Booking
Bulevak charges 1500 to 2000 Vatu per person, per night, including three meals. Exchange rates.

Of course, they now have mobile phones in Baiap but we don't know their numbers. One number you can try is 48995 (Baiap community phone).

Accommodation and Food
Bulevak Guesthouse has three bungalows.

Showers are from buckets and the guest house has a simple pit toilet.

Food at Bulevak is simple but plentiful, including cabbage, kumala, pumpkin and taro.

Services, Suggestions and Transport
Baiap village has a medical dispensary, a community telephone and a store.

It is easy to get a truck ride to Baiap from the Craig Cove airport, even without booking, as there will be many trucks heading this way, along the coast.

First surveyed: November 2005 by Zarah.
Last updated: April 2009 by Stephen.

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