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Craig Cove Commercial Guesthouse, Ambrym, Vanuatu
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The Commercial Centre guest house at Craig Cove has been operating for many years. Only 15 minutes walk from the airport, it is convenient accommodation for people arriving or departing by air. Most tourists who stay here are just passing through.

Costs and Booking
Accommodation at Craig Cove costs 1500 Vatu per person, per night, payable in Vatu cash. You can make enquiries and bookings at the Craig Cove Commercial Centre store (telephone 48547). Exchange rates.

Accommodation and Food
The Commercial is a modern guesthouse with generator electricity in the evenings. There are three bedrooms; two have a pair of bunk beds and a single bed in each, one has a double bed and a single bed. The main door is lockable. There are no mosquito nets in the guesthouse and apparently no mosquitos at Craig Cove.

The guesthouse has a shared shower (bucket shower) and modern flush toilet (bucket flush). The gravity feed water system was out of order in July 2005. You have to haul your own water from the rainwater well behind the guesthouse. Bring your own bath soap and towel. Toilet paper is provided.

The guesthouse kitchen has a gas cook top and a basic set of saucepans, plates, cups and cutlery.

Services and Suggestions
There are two stores at Craig Cove. Fresh local bread is available and they often have fresh fish. The Commercial Centre store has beer and alcohol. Craig Cove has markets on Tuesdays, when the L/C Brisk comes. Also on Tuesdays, a restaurant behind the Commercial Centre sells meals with rice.

The Commercial Centre includes a National Bank of Vanuatu branch (open on Tuesday and Friday). There is a Post Office and a Police Station by the main road outside of Craig Cove. Along the coast, Baiap Village has a medical clinic.

First surveyed: June 2005 by Stephen.
Last updated: April 2009 by Stephen.

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26/09/2013 Standard


06/02/2006 Standard


Stayed 1 night in August 2004. Dirty, rat shit everywhere, no electricity, outside door only closed with a great deal of effort.

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