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A good number of visitors pass through Lalinda for volcano trekking. There's a guest house in the village that belongs to the Presbyterian Women's Mission Union.

There are, in fact, two sides to Lalinda, divided by church affiliations and it's said they use different tracks to go to the ash plain! On the other side of the road is the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) community. A famous volcano guide, Jimmy lives there and they have a compound where some volcano trekkers camp.

Lalinda has a black sand beach and coral reef, only about 30 meters offshore, with superb snorkelling. Perhaps overlooked, Lalinda also has a trail up nearby Tower Peak (999m above sea level) which should be an enjoyable day hike.

Many of the families in Lalinda make excellent handicrafts and welcome visitors involvement. They are willing to personalise objects and the craft items are genuine and much cheaper than if purchased in town.

Tankyu tumas Pete for updating us on Lalinda!

Costs and Booking
Accommodation at Lalinda is cheap at 1000 Vatu per person, including some food. Exchange rates.

Leiha is in charge of the guesthouse and she speaks English. You can call Marsing on +678 5340987 to pass on a message.

Accommodation and Food
The guesthouse has three rooms for sleeping and is well equipped with mats, foam mattresses, pillows and mosquito nets provided. Kerosene lamps are provided for lighting.

Lalinda guesthouse now has a kitchen with gas burners and a reasonable selection of plates, utensils, etc. The guesthouse also has its own rain water tank, fine for drinking, as well as the spring water available from the taps in the village.

The guest house has its own squat pit toilet but no bathing house (maybe in the near future). Toilet paper and towels are provided. There are communal showers in the village or you can swim in the sea.

Services, Suggestions
Lalinda has a couple of stores and two trucks. The nearest medical aid is the Health Centre and Port Vato.

First surveyed: July 2005 by Stephen.
Last updated: July 2009 by Pete.

Visitor Ratings for Lalinda PWMU Guesthouse Rate it
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03/11/2013 Standard


Jan stayed for 5 nights, April 2013. (4th visit) Due to poor mobile phone coverage - Ph 5340987 (Marsing), and ask to speak to Leah about guesthouse, or just trust to luck. Lovely village setting- fun, inquisitive children, and friendly adults happy to explain and share their food, culture and lifestyle. Great experience! Guesthouse rates - 1000 vt. (Approx. $10) per day, includes tasty, basic island-style breakfast and dinner. Truck from Craig Cove - 7,500 vt, split between guests. Full day, or overnight Volcano treks - 2,000 vt. pp each way. Rom dance - Approx. 6,000 vt. total, split between guests. Wooden artefacts and coconut shell carvings can be bought.
19/07/2012 Standard


Went in november 2010.... I really appreciate this place, a nice village close to a black sand beach where you will play like a kid with the childrens of the village. Shared pure moments with people of this village... very welcoming .. felt like with family.. Villagers are happy to show you they day by day activities... Was very hard to leave this village and its people..that was just perfect.
16/08/2009 Standard


Clean accommodation and facilities, with all the basic requirements, in a beautiful village setting, only a minute from the warm, crystal clear water of the picturesque black sandy beach.
Friendly, welcoming families are happy to show you around the village, encouraging you to join them with their day to day activities - tending their vegetable gardens, cooking lap-lap over hot rocks, weaving grass mats and trying your hand at wood carving..
You are welcome to attend the daily Church worship and listen to the beautiful singing..
There is a store at Lalinda that stocks basic products - matches, batteries, sugar, rice, tinned fish, biscuits etc..
Overall, a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in village life in a friendly, picturesque and peaceful setting.

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