Uri island mangroves, Malekula, Vanuatu
Uri island tidal flats, Malekula, Vanuatu
Uri Narong Marine Park, Uri Island, Malekula

Uri Narong Marine Park is a conservation area established in 1994. It covers more than 50 hectares of mangrove forest, tidal flats and reefs near Uri island. Marine life found here includes giant clams, fish, crustaceans, coral and shellfish.

Most of the visitors to Uri are cruising yachts (from June to October each year). Port Stanley provides a good anchorage and Uri offers good snorkelling and sometimes kastom dances and other cultural activities.

There's no dedicated tourist accommodation on Uri but the villagers can arrange accommodation. Eric Rose has a modern house with spare rooms that visitors sometimes use. You can call him on mobile 40642 (call from 0600H-0800H and from 1800H-2000H). Meals can be provided. About 1000 Vatu per day is reasonable compensation for food and lodging (prices are not fixed).

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Uri and Uripiv Malekula

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