Wakon Beach, Ambrym, Vanuatu
Wakon's new community hall come guest house, Ambrym, Vanuatu
Wakon Sunset Bungalow inside, Ambrym, Vanuatu
Wakon fish, Ambrym, Vanuatu
Wakon sunset, Ambrym, Vanuatu
Wakon Sunset Bungalow, Dip Point, Ambrym Vanuatu Aelan Walkabot rating
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Wakon Sunset Bungalow is at Dip Point on west Ambrym. It's a quiet, relaxing place with a friendly home-stay atmosphere close to the Lake Fanteng Conservation Area with interesting bush walking, canoeing and bird watching.

Update April 2009: Unfortunately, the beach bunglow has fallen in to a state of disrepair but don't let that turn you away. Wakon has a new community hall and guests can be accommodated there. It has modern facilities but no running water.

Thanks to Piotr Bobula for sending some updates and photos.

Costs and Bookings
Accommodation at Wakon Sunset Bungalow now costs 2000 Vatu per person, per night. Camping is 500 Vatu per tent. You can do your own cooking over an open fire in the bush kitchen or meals can be provided for 200 Vatu per plate. All expenses are payable in Vatu cash. Exchange rates.

Chief Jessy Saksak of Wakon runs the bungalow. He speaks Bislama and English. To contact Jessy telephone 5487330 (mobile) or leave a message at 48547 (Craig Cove Commercial Centre Store) or 48911 (Craig Cove public phone).

Accommodation and Food
Wakon Sunset Bungalow's island style hut has two bedrooms. The plan is for two single beds in one room and one double bed in the other. In July 2005 there were two single beds. It's a good idea to bring your own mosquito net and maybe a small padlock for locking the bungalow door. Kerosene lamps, battery powered lamps and candles are used for lighting.

Limited freshwater is available for bathing (bucket showers). Bring your own towel. At the bungalow there is a pit toilet with a sturdy seat. Bring your own toilet paper.

Outside the bungalow is a simple bush kitchen. Self-sufficient people can do their own cooking or aelan kaekae meals can be provided at 200 Vatu per plate. Prepared meals include fish or chicken, taro, cooked banana, rice and pumpkin. Drinking water is supplied from Jessy's rainwater tank.

Jessy can take you out in his canoe if you would like to try the fishing.

To get to Wakon it's easier to ride in a canoe like the locals do. If you contact Jessy he can pick you up. A speed boat now costs 2000-3000 Vatu from Craig Cove to Dip Point.

First surveyed: July 2005 by Stephen.
Last updated: February 2009 by Piotr.

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