Mount Tagutgagaro, Maewo, Vanuatu
Flower, Maewo, Vanuatu
Middle island, Maewo, Vanuatu
Asanvari point, Maewo, Vanuatu
Small waterfall, Maewo, Vanuatu
Walking on Maewo 

South Maewo Panorama, Vanuatu

Climbing Mount Tagutgagaro
Mount Tagutgagaro is Maewo's highest peak, at 811m above sea level. On the summit you can find unusual birds and plant life in the cloud forest.

Hiking up Mount Tagutgagaro is steep and slippery but doesn't take long. From Betarara you can climb the mountain and walk down in half a day. Guides can be arranged at Qwatiawol village.

Walking the Naviso Loop
This walk loops around the mountains of central Maewo. It's straightforward hiking on well used paths. It might be possible to do the whole loop in a day but it would be more enjoyable if you overnight at Naviso village.

From Betarara there's a truck road up the escarpment and halfway across the central plateau. From here you follow footpaths to Naviso and around to Talise or Narovorovo.

There are guesthouses at Betarara and Narovorovo. Qwatiawol and Narovorovo are two places where you can find local guides.

Walking to get around Maewo
Walking is an effective means of getting around Maewo. On the west coast, you simply follow the truck roads. Some distances and times are presented below. There's a map on our Maewo page.

Maewo West Coast Walking Distance (km) Time (hours)
Naone (Airfield) - Kaiwo 10 2.5
Betarara - Narovorovo 12 3
Betarara - Qwatiawol 3 1

Please note, there is no walking path along the rugged coastline between Nasawa and Asanvari. Here you must use a boat.

Maewo sees very few tourists and the locals aren't accustomed to guiding tourists. You will need a little patience. Plan to arrange a guide the day before you walk. About 1000 Vatu per day is reasonable compensation for basic guiding on the islands.

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