West Pentecost road, Vanuatu
Mount Vetmar view, Pentecost, Vanuatu
Bwatnapni Guesthouse, Pentecost, Vanuatu
Bwatnapni river, Pentecost, Vanuatu
Cooling down at a spring, Pentecost, Vanuatu
Tree orchid, Pentecost, Vanuatu
Walking on Pentecost 

Walking can be an enjoyable way to tour Pentecost and there's good hiking in the south. The east coast, with less people and less roads, should be a great place for walking but you'll need a reliable guide and plenty of time.

Walking to get around Pentecost
You can hike west Pentecost unguided, following roads and well used paths. There are several guesthouses and bungalows along the way. Here we describe a route from north to south. Refer to the map on our Pentecost page.

West Pentecost Walking Distance (km) Time (hours)
Lavatu-Loltong 13 4
Loltong-Bwatnapni 20 6-7
Bwatnapni-Melsisi 15 4.5
Melsisi-Vanu 8 2.5
Vanu-Pangi 20 5
Pangi-Lonorore 12 2.5

From north Pentecost, there's a truck road down the west coast ending at Atanbalo village. A walking track continues parallel to the coast, across a river, through Labultamata village and down to Loltong. There are small villages along the path where you can ask for directions. At Loltong there is Langgo Guesthouse.

From Loltong, you follow a rarely used truck road along the coast and come out on the main road above Namaram. Descend to Namaram and then go though the Catholic Mission. The path over the hill between Namaram and Bwatnapni is rather vague and there's a village on top where you can ask for directions.

At Bwatnapni there was a guesthouse which belonged to the school (update required). Bwatnapni has stores and sometimes there's a fundraiser with tan kaekae for sale. About 40 minutes up river there's an excellent swimming hole (worth the walk).

South of Bwatnapni, walk along the truck road, all the way to Pangi. There's a long hill to cross before reaching the Catholic Mission at Melsisi. You might choose to break your journey here and visit the nearby Melsisi Gorge. You may find accommodation at the mission. If going ahead, fill up your water bottle from the mission's water supply.

South of Melsisi, the truck road doesn't cross any hills but there are many rivers so plan on walking with wet feet (sandals are a good idea). At Vanu there's a nice waterfall and you can stay at Noda Guesthouse. At Baravet you can stay at Samuel's Guesthouse.

After Baravet, you pass Lonorore airfield, Mount Vetmar and a hot spring between the road and the beach, just south of Hotwata village. Finally you arrive at Pangi where you can stay at Walap Beach Bungalows, Nagol Bungalows or other places.

Climbing Mount Vetmar
Vetmar, at 887m above sea level, is Pentecost's second highest mountain. It takes only half a day to climb and come back down. On top you'll witness some fine views over south Pentecost and there are some unusual plants and birds to see in the rainforest. There's a clear path up the mountain from Rangusuksu village. You can also cut through the bush from Hotwata village. Make enquiries and find a guide at Rangusuksu or Hotwata.

You should be able to walk along west Pentecost unguided. Guides are need off the main roads and footpaths. About 1500 Vatu per day is reasonable compensation for basic guiding on the islands.

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