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Kerepua now has a bungalow for adventurous visitors to west Santo.

The major attraction in this area is Mount Tabwemasana which is the highest mountain in Vanuatu (1879 m). The rugged mountain ranges are home to rare and endemic birds, flora and other fauna. See our Walking Santo page for more information on treks and climbs.

Costs and Booking
The bungalow costs 1000 Vatu per person and meals (basic aelan kaekae) can be provided by families in the village. Exchange Rates.

The key person to see is Chief Aram but there is no telephone or radio in Kerepua and the radio at Wusi was not working in January 2008. Just go, you will manage.

Accommodation etc.
The bungalow is in a quiet place, a short walk from the village. The house is made of local materials and has seven or eight beds inside. The mattresses and sheets are all new. There were no mosquito nets so consider bringing one although there are very few mosquitos at night. There is no electricity in the village, kerosene lamps are used for lighting (but no kerosene in the stores, January 2008). Bring a torch for walking around at night.

There is a kitchen house outside the bungalow although it is empty. Most trekkers would bring their own euipment and the kitchen could prove useful. The village has a new water supply but it does not reach the bungalow. Bring a water bottle. The water comes from a mountain spring and is fine to drink

There are two public showers in the village. Many people still bathe in the nearby river. Bring your own bath towel.

The bungalow has a simple sit-down pit toilet. Bring your own toilet paper. You can also buy it in the village stores.

Kerepua has two stores and the Co-op store has quite a variety of cargo. Kerepua has a basic medical aid post.

Nearly everyone arrives at Kerepua by speed boat. There are fairly regular departures from Tasiriki but you may have to wait a day or two to join a trip (the fare is around 1000 Vatu) and there's a decent guesthouse in Tasiriki.

On the return you will probably not want to wait and should keep some money to pay a full trip (charter, about 10000 Vatu, 9000 from Wusi). Walking to Wusi is an easy two hours along the coast.

Wusi is almost famous for traditional pottery ("graon pot") which resembles ancient Lapita pottery.

Luganville to Kerepua on a ship costs 3000 Vatu but ships going around Santo are rare. You could be waiting days, weeks, even months for a ship.

First Surveyed: January 2008 by Stephen
Last updated: December 2010 by Stephen.

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