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Lajmoli Guesthouse is next to Lajmoli Store, between the airstrip and the beach. It gets few visitors, now that there are no regular air services.

Lajmoli Guesthouse has two bungalows, one twin and one double. There is a kitchen with gas cooktop and a water supply. Meals can be provided on request.

Lajmoli Guesthouse costs 1000 Vatu. Exchange rates.

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24/03/2011 Standard


The bungalows are in a beautiful little garden near the airfield and right beside the foot road leading north and south through the village. You have your own veranda, table and chairs, and a nice bed with mosquito net. You have your own (sitdown) toilet but share the family shower and you can share meals with the family in their kitchen. Susan is an excellent hostess and cook. The village is tiny, only three families. We went to the community meal on Saturday. There is not that much to do there, we were on our way somewhere else. You are very close to the beach so not many mosquitos, but it is often too rough for swimming. You can get someone to take you to Olpoe, the very large village about half an hour's walk to the north, where the chief is a real character and they sometimes make pottery. About an hour and a half to the south is the medical clinic and the large village of Nogugu.
Warning: These comments relate to April 2009, Things change in Santo!

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