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The Loru Bungalow has rotted and fallen down but Loru Rainforest Protected Area is still there. It's a good place for bush walking and bird watching and has a bat cave.

Some visitors stay in the village at Kole-1, which is OK but not really adventurous. Camping at Loru is more fun and you are right next to the forest.

Costs and Booking
Visitors to Loru pay a Conservation Fee of 500 Vatu per person. Those staying overnight pay 500 Vatu extra. Exchange rates.

Most people just turn up. There's no need to book for camping. If needed, you can telephone Waraker Ser (pronounced "Wa-ra-ker Sir") on 5472535.

For sleeping, bring your own tent. The committee should be replacing the water tank in 2009 and there's a shelter where you can cook over a fire. Loru is self catering and you should bring your own food.

There are two good western style dry pit toilets (men's and women's) and one haos blong swim where you can take bucket showers. Bring your own toilet paper, bath towel and soap. Water supply is from a 1000L rainwater tank and it's OK to drink.

Getting there
When visiting Loru you should first report to Kole-1 village because you're unlikely to find anyone at the protected area. Ask for Waraker or Kalsakau Ser ("Karl-sa-cow").

Kole-1 is about 3km to the east of the main east Santo road and Loru is another 3 km to the north. There is a road to Loru but it's not signposted and four wheel drive only when wet. If walking, you can short-cut through the coconut plantations.

There is one bus that services Kole-1, Monday to Saturday, and a couple of trucks that pass by. Public transport minibuses along east Santo can drop you at the Kole-1 intersection. If you are fit and not carrying too much gear, it's no trouble walking along the road into Kole-1 and onward to Loru.

First surveyed: May 2004 by Stephen.
Last updated: April 2009 by Stephen.

Visitor Ratings for Loru Camping, Loru Rainforest Protected Area Rate it
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07/05/2009 Standard


I camped in March 2009, in the long grass and all. It was disappointing to to see everything so run down but I didn't pay anything. Loru is still nice, I enjoyed the peace and quiet.
21/02/2007 Standard


The bungalow wasn't operational in Jan2007, but Kal was most accomodating, allowing me to stay in his hut in the village of Kole-1. The forest is excellent, as is the seaside. An amazing nature experience that will bring a tear to your eye everytime thereafter you look at the coconut plantations and think what was. The hosts are knowledgeable and respectful of the area in a way that only kastom owners can be. Check this easily accessable place out.

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