Pic Santo bird list

Mostly high-altitude tolerant birds and specialists are found on the summit of Pic Santo, 1716 m elevation. Further down the mountain a variety of lowland and mid-altitude birds can be found. The VanBirds database has recorded 18 species at the summit proper including 4 Vanuatu endemics (e):

Shining Bronze-Cuckoo Chrysococcyx lucidus
Palm Lorikeet Charmosyna palmarum
Glossy Swiftlet Collocalia esculenta
Metallic Pigeon Columba vitiensis
Mackinlay's Cuckoo-Dove Macropygia mackinlayi
Red-bellied Fruit-Dove Ptilinopus greyii
Cardinal Myzomela Myzomela cardinalis
New Hebrides Honeyeater Phylidonyris notabilis (e)
Fan-tailed Gerygone Gerygone flavolateralis
Scarlet Robin Petroica multicolor
Golden Whistler Pachycephala pectoralis
Grey Fantail Rhipidura fuliginosa
Streaked Fantail Rhipidura spilodera
Buff-bellied Monarch Neolalage banksiana (e)
Mountain Starling Aplonis santovestris (e)
Silver-Eye Zosterops lateralis
Yellow-fronted White-Eye Zosterops flavifrons (e)
Guadalcanal Thicketbird Megalurulus whitneyi

Taxonomy of this list follows Sibley and Monroe (1990, 1993).
Last updated: October 2011

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