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Not the expatriate enclave in Port Vila, this is the original Tasiriki village, at the end of the south Santo road and few tourists come this way. A guest house was built around 2005 and belongs to the PWMU (women's club).

The village is pleasant enough and refreshingly different to east Santo. There are some waterfalls and other walks in the area and kava every night. Tasiriki is also a gateway to west Santo.

Costs and Booking
At the time of writing, Tuetueni Gueshtouse costs 1500 Vatu per person, per night and simple food (maybe just raes wetem tin) can be provided. Exchange Rates.

The guesthouse is a modern building with four rooms and some basic cooking facilities. Bedding and mosquito nets are provided. Solar lighting is a novelty. The village water supply is OK to drink.

In 2008, a modern toilet and shower should have been completed. At present you can bath at a small waterfall and there's a good enough pit latrine for guests to use.

Tasiriki has a couple of trucks. Transport is quite regular from Monday to Friday and not bad on Saturday. Sunday is the sabbath. Keep in mind that after sustained rains the rivers along south Santo can not be crossed. See our Santo page for more information about transport.

First visited: February 2008 by Stephen.
Last updated: February 2008 by Stephen.

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11/12/2011 Standard


Stayed here when passing through. Very nice and modern, concrete floors, large outside veranda, beds with mosquito nets, not too sure of how clean the sheets were but we weren't expected. Cooking stoves provided but a bit dodgy. The new bathroom has been completed and is lovely. You can buy a very limited range of food from the local store but better to bring your own - and utensils - if you want to cook for yourself. I don't know if they cook meals for expected guests, we arrived late at night and left early the next morning. Very limited cellphone coverage when i was there but this might have improved. A warning - they are very serious about keeping the Sabbath holy in this village, do not want trucks and boats coming in on a Sunday. The little bay at Tasiriki is absolutely beautiful and virtually the only sheltered anchorage on this coast.
05/02/2008 Standard


Handy place to stay when passing through. Its an adventure just to get here.

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