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Vetape is a new Guest House on Tangoa Island, south Santo. Tangoa is just 200 metres from the mainland and some people swim across the channel but beware of Tiger Sharks. Local people say that dogs get eaten when they fall out of canoes. They also believe that sharks will only eat people who are guilty of a wrongdoing.

Tango is a small island. People choose to live there because it is dry and relatively mosquito free. There a many creeks on the mainland and a submarine pipe transports fresh water across to the island.

On Tangoa you can learn about the history of the island and the missionaries, go fishing and snorkelling. On the mainland you can go bush walking to the Tapuntari Waterfall and other places.

We haven't seen Vetape Guesthouse and the information here is from a poster seen in Luganville and a quick day trip to Tangoa mainland in February 2007.

Costs, Booking andAccommodation
Vetape Guesthouse can accommodate 7 people in a three bedroom, local style house.
Bring your own snorkelling equipment.

Accommodation is 2500 Vatu per person, per night. With meals it is 3250 Vatu. The waterfall tour is 1500 Vatu per person. The charges seem a bit expensive for an off the beaten track bungalow and we hope they are negotiable. Exchange Rates.

You can telephone Vetape Guesthouse on 36253 (Steven Meto or Viji Vutilolo).

Tangoa is not far from Luganville and the road is relatively good. There are several market trucks on Monday to Saturday afternoons. See out Santo page for general transport information.

Last updated: February 2008 by Stephen.

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beautiful island with beautiful people. an excellent experience

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