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If going to the Millennium Cave on Santo, you can make the experience more lasting and stay overnight at Vunaspef Village.

Tankyu tumas Dianne, for telling us about this place.

Costs and booking
Accommodation is 3500 Vatu per person, per night, including breakfast. Additional meals are 800 Vatu per meal. Transfers to/from Luganville are 1000 Vatu per person, one way. Exchange rates.

There are several activities in addition to the Millenium Cave:
Blue pool (3 hours, 1500 Vatu). Take a 20 minute walk through the jungle to the blue pools, cool off with a swim and float down the Sarakata River on bamboo rafts.
- Green tour (2 hours, 1000 Vatu). Learn about the jungle and the various plants used for food, bush medicine and building houses.
Prawn fishing (3 hours, 1500 Vatu). Catch fresh water prawns with the locals using a spear and snorkel, then cook them the traditional way in bamboo stalks.

You can book at the Millennium Cave Tour office at the Sarakata Bridge in Luganville. Phone: +678 595 8635 (mobile), +678 37427 (landline).

Accommodation and meals
A single building houses three bedrooms with a shared lounge. It's suitable for groups, families and individuals. Newly-built toilet and shower facilities are adjacent. Kava and evening meals are served in the nakamal.

Service and suggestions
Bring snacks (no store in the village), soap and towel, insect repellent and a torch.

Women in the village can babysit for 1000 Vatu per day (please supply nappies, drinking water and food).

First surveyed: 2013 by Dianne.
Last updated: September 2013 by Stephen.

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15/10/2013 Standard


Staying in the village is an amazing experience. The bungalow is basic but adequate. However, staying there provides you with a unique opportunity to experience life in a Vanuatu village. The locals are extremely welcoming and happy to sit and chat or demonstrate cooking, weaving, thatch making or any other activities. We took our two kids who are 7 and 9 and they had a ball hanging out with the village kids and completing chores like collecting water and feeding the pigs. They also learnt some new games and passed on a few of their own. Overall, and amazing experience that I would recommend to anyone.


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