Taloa beach, Nguna, Vanuatu
Mount Marow, Nguna, Vanuatu
Sunset over Undine Bay, Nguna, Vanuatu
Port Vila Sunset, Efate, Vanuatu
Lunch at Vat-Vaka Bungalow, Nguna, Vanuatu
Emao island, Vanuatu
Looking across to Nguna, Emao, Vanuatu
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Efate, more than Port Vila
Efate is Vanuatu's most developed island. Port Vila ('Vee-la') has fancy hotel and resort accommodation, golf courses, restaurants and bars, duty free shops, tour operators, banks, ATM machines, supermarkets, traffic, an international airport, all the services you 'need'.

Away from Vila, several new bungalows have appeared in recent years. Now you can stay on each of Nguna, Pele and Emao islands and there are some local places on the mainland and probably more to come. Cycling around Efate would be nice. The road is sealed and smooth. Some people like to hire a car in Port Vila and drive themselves.

Nguna has been the most popular bungalow destination for Efate. On the mainland there are some locally owned places to stay:
Havannah Eco Lodge, Havannah Harbour
Malowia Guesthouse, Paunangisu
Vatupau Beach Bungalow, Emua
Bamboo Beach Bungalows

Emua Sunset Guesthouse, Emua (no information yet, maybe you can update us?)

We're breaking a 'rule' and listing a guesthouse in Pango village, very close to Port Vila town:
Jabsina Guest House, Pango

In July 2008 we spotted some locally owned beach bungalows at only 1500 Vatu (self catering) just beyond Pango village. This info is likely out of date in 2014!

Beach Hut sign at Pango

Data source: WMO-Vanuatu Meteorological Service

Port Vila experiences south-easterly trade winds and has fairly typical weather for Vanuatu. The dry season is four months, July to October. Havannah Harbour, Moso and Lelepa islands are a rain shadow area and drier, as you'll notice when traveling around the island.

Transport around the island
There is regular public transport around to north Efate with market trucks and minibuses driving the western route. They charge 500 vatu to Emua or Takara and the ride takes about 1 hour.

A ride in Port Vila can be found opposite the Natapoa Takeaway (top street) from 1330H in the afternoon, everyday except Sunday. You will see locals waiting here. Most vehicles also stop at the Au Bon Marche supermarket and fuel station at Man Ples on the way out of Port Vila, which is another good place to find transport.

Talk to the locals who look to be waiting for a ride, tell them where you want to go and they can help you find the right vehicle. If you're in a large group, in a hurry or it's Sunday then charter a taxi or bus.


One Way Charge (Shared)

Hire Charge (Chartered)
Western route




Hide Away 150  
Mele Village 150  
Devil's Point 250  
Mele Maat Village 200  
Klem's Hill 250  
Magaliliu 250  
Ulei Village 300 4000
Moso landing 300 4000
Emua wharf 400 5000
Paunagisu 400 5000
Takara 400 5500
Onesua 450 5500
Epule Village 450 6000
Eastern route    
Second lagoon 150 2000


Rentabau 250 3000
Eton Village 350 4500
Forari 400 5000
Epau Village 400 5500
Round island   10000
Selected Port Vila Efate Land Transport Association fares, effective 1 January 2008 (from Vanuatu Daily Post, 30 December 2007). These fares probably will not be followed faithfully but are still a useful guide. Exchange Rates.

Crossing to the little islands
The boat landing for Nguna and Pele is at Emua wharf, about 1 km east of the village (there's a sign for Nguna-Pele Marine Protected Area beside the road). Undine bay is protected from the trade winds and the crossing is usually smooth and takes half an hour. Most boats come to the big island in the morning and they return in the afternoon. Don't expect many boats on Sunday. A shared ride costs 500 Vatu and a charter costs 3000 Vatu for the whole boat. Exchange Rates.

Speedboats for Emao leave from Takara. The 30 minute crossing passes over deep water and can be rough, wet and lots of fun when the swell is up. Fares are the same as Nguna. There are more trips on Wednesdays and Fridays.

You can find boats to Lelepa Island at Gideon's and Lelepa Landings.

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