Kamy Guesthouse, Tongoa, Vanuatu
Kamy Guesthouse, Tongoa, Vanuatu
Kamy Guesthouse bedroom, Tongoa, Vanuatu
Kamy Guesthouse kitchen, Tongoa, Vanuatu
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Kamy is an enterprising fellow with a store, kava bar, guest house and a truck at Pele village. It's a central location, good for exploring the island. Kamy's is by the airstrip about 500 metres from the present terminal building.

Costs and Booking
Kamy charges 2000 Vatu per person, per night (so says his brochure). He has two telephones (phone 28331 or phone/fax 28240). All expenses are payable in Vatu cash. Exchange Rates.

Accomodation and Food
Kamy's Guesthouse is a modern timber construction with two bedrooms (two single beds plus one single bed), a kitchen and a sitting room. There were no mosquito nets, mosquito coils are available (although not really needed). There's solar lighting but no inverter. Kamy has a generator which he uses only when required. It's a good idea to bring a small padlock, if you need to lock the bungalow door.
In the smol haos there's a basic pit toilet and bucket showers are taken in the haos blong swim. Bring your own toilet paper, bath towel and soap.

The kitchen has a gas cook top and a collection of pots, dishes and cutlery. Water is pulled from a rainwater tank and should be OK to drink. There are well-stocked stores at Pele and local markets three days a week.

First surveyed: September 2004 by Stephen.
Last updated: January 2007 by Stephen.

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