Vat-Vaka beach with Pele in the background, Nguna, Vanuatu
Kid learning to surf, Pele Island, Vanuatu
Beach at Marou village, Emao, Vanuatu
Extinct Volcanos, Nguna, Vanuatu
Volcanic rocks, Nguna, Vanuatu
Sunrise over Pele, Nguna, Vanuatu
Launamoa Beach,  Pele Island, Vanuatu
Siloa Guesthouse Vat-Vaka Bungalows Uduna Cove Beach Bungalows Taloa village - 3 bungalows Pauvina Guesthouse Juboes Bungalows Nguna-Pele Marine Protected Area Namarou Paradise Bungalow Pele - 6 bungalows

Nguna, Pele and Emao, best places for a weekend away from Vila

The islands of Nguna, Pele and Emao are close to Port Vila and there is no excuse not to visit!

Nguna and Pele have white sand beaches and the Nguna-Pele Marine Protected Area. Pele has surf. Emao has fish (for eating!). The extinct volcanic cones make for interesting walks.

Bungalows on Nguna
Most of Nguna's bungalows are within or nearby Taloa village:
Paunvina Guesthouse, Unakap
Jalom Guesthouse, Taloa
Nakie Women's Guesthouse, Taloa
Valea Guesthouse, Taloa
Vat-Vaka Bungalows, Taloa
Juboes Bungalows, Taloa
Uduna Cove Beach Bungalows, Taloa

Siloa Guesthouse, Utanlang

Bungalows on Pele
There are eleven bungalows spread-out on Pele:
Pele Sunrise Bungalows, Launamoa
Wora-Namoa Sunrise Bungalows, Launamoa
Napanga Bungalows, Warasiviu
Seahorse Bungalow, Warasiviu
Bella Bungalow, Warasiviu
Charety Bungalow, Pilliura
Senababa Beach Bungalow, Werearu
SIMOA Bungalow, Werearu
Takau’s Bungalows, Werearu
David Samuel's Bungalow, Werearu
John Kalo's Bungalow, Werearu

Some of these are bungalows are new. Please contact us if you can provide details. For Senababa Beach contact Frank Kalkaua on +678 5424728.

Bungalows on Emao
Namarou Paradise Bungalows

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