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Wora-Namoa is a community bungalow at Launamoa ('Lao-na-moa') village. The reefs are popular for surfing and snorkelling.

Wora-Namoa Bungalow has one double and two single beds. It costs 3000 Vatu per night, per person. Exchange Rates.

You can telephone Maurice on 5451173 for more information.

Update Jan 2015: The bungalow was closed waiting repairs. Pele Sunrise Bungalows is just next-door.

First surveyed: October 2010 by Cat.
Last updated: Feb 2015 by Stephen.

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10/07/2013 Standard


I stayed at Leanomoa Bungalow in August 2012 and I did a painting on the bungalow wall. My hosts were so wonderful and friendly.I loved my 9 days on Pele Island. Life on Pele is very simple and it is a great place for learning about village life and culture. Walking is the best activity. The bungalow was clean & had everything I needed. Climate Change Education is everywhere on the island. It is an amazing example of the reality of having to experience and adapt to climate change. I booked through an indigenous tour operator in Port Villa & travelled by bus and boat. On the return journey I hitched with a truck cos on Sunday there was no bus. Hello to everyone there. I would love to return. Catheryn
17/05/2011 Standard


There are now two bungalows at Laonamoa, the biggest of the four villages on Pele. The older bungalow is community owned and was built by school students from Byron in NSW. The other bungalow, Sunrise, is where we stayed. It is owned by "Shet", the village boat man and Michael. As with all these bungalows, accommodation is basic, but clean. Three meals a day are served by Shet's family. By outer-island standards, the food is great. This village has to be one of the friendliest places on Earth. The kids are full of fun and laughter and the older people couldnot be more welcoming.
Laonamoa is on the "Big Sea" (Windward) side of the island protected by a fringing reef. The wind helps with the mosquitoes, but can't blow them all away!
The island is beautiful and you can walk to the other villages. Be careful at Worenaru, it is the destination for day-trippers and home of Chief George the only rude and un-friendly person we met in two weeks in Vanuatu.
17/08/2009 Standard


BEST HOLIDAY! I love Launamoa village they are so welcoming. The people are so happy and great.

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