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Tutumel Bay Bungalows (formerly Sunset Bungalows) is a new place next to Rinuah ('ree-noo-ah') village on the sunset side of Loh Island. Activities include snorkelling, canoeing, bush walks and exploring the Lienwet and Maraohi caves.

"Everything you've heard about the abundance of coconut crabs in the Torres is true :)" Dianne, 2013.

Costs and Booking
Tutumel Bay Bungalows costs 2,500 Vatu per person, per night, including all meals. Exchange Rates.

One of the family, Thomas Putunleta, lives and works in Port Vila and
manages the bookings from here:
Mobile: +678 5656425 or 5656125 (Smile)

Accommodation and Food
Tutumel Bay has one bungalow with two rooms, each with two single beds. The beds have mosquito nets. Outside there is a bucket shower and a pit toilet.

Food in the Torres is mostly aelan kaekae and seafood, including fish, lobster and coconut crab. Nogat raes :)

Services and suggestions
Getting to the bungalows involves a short walk through the jungle from the
airfield to the lagoon, which you can walk across at low tide. Otherwise you
go on an outrigger canoe. After that it's about 20 minutes walk to the
bungalows. Bring a backpack rather than a suitcase and some sort of water
proofing (big garbage bags work well). Reef shoes are useful.

There's no shop in the village so bring any extra supplies if needed.

First surveyed: 2012 by Simon and Thomas
Last updated: March 2013 by Dianne

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