Wongras Bungalow, Gaua, Banks Islands, Vanuatu
View to south Vanua Lava from Gaua, Banks Islands, Vanuatu
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Wongras Bungalows has a nice garden setting and is less than five minutes walk from the airport.

Wongras is owned and run by Charles Bice. He charges 2500 Vatu per person per night, including meals.
Charles has two guides experienced in taking tourists to the lake and volcano. All expenses are payable in Vatu cash. Exchange Rates.

Wongras Bungalows Tour Rates One person 2+ people
Guide fee 1000 1000 per day
Lake Letas canoe fee 1500 1500  
Kastom fee (Waterfall, Lake, Volcano) 1000   per attraction

Charles speaks English but manages to communicate with Francophone guests. Wongras has a telephone (38504) and there's a public phone at the airport (38514).

Accomodation and Food
Wongras has two big bungalows, built mostly of local materials. One bungalow is divided into two rooms with two single beds in each. The other room has space for four single beds. Each room has a locking door. There is some basic furniture and mosquito nets are provided. Lighting is from kerosene lamps.

Meals are simple at Wongras. Lunch and dinner may include chicken, rice, lap-lap yam, beans, paw-paw salad, egg, aelan kabis and pamplemousse. You might get fresh bread for breakfast or just crackers with tea or instant coffee. Water for drinking and bathing (bucket showers) is supplied by a rainwater tank.

Wongras has a western style, dry, pit toilet with a plastic seat. You should bring your own bath towel, toilet paper and soap.

First surveyed: May 2004 by Stephen.
Last updated: June 2009 by Stephen.

Visitor Ratings for Wongras Bungalows Rate it
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13/10/2011 Standard


I was here for a week in August. The bungalows are nice, with comfortable beds, electricity at nights, a flush toilet and running shower. Charles and his family are great, very friendly, and invited me to participate in village activites. His eldest daughter Shilda is a great guide and a really nice girl. The volcano and crater lakes are nice, and I would also recommend trying to get to the waterfall, but be aware that you will be charged 'local fees' for visiting. Definitely try and watch local women performing water music at Aver Bay, I loved it!
13/09/2011 Standard


Thanks Charles, Francis and everybody else for a very pleasant stay!
05/10/2009 Standard


Accueil chaleureux après la timidité du premier soir. Bonne prestation, même si toilettes et douches rustiques. Famille très attachante.
Il est bon de répartir son séjour entre plusieurs hôtes, afin de limiter les risques de conflits entre clans.
Ile très attachante humainement.
15/10/2008 Standard


Wongras is a bit run down: plastic coverage on the roof, poor toilet maintainance, no power provided (although there actually are generators on Gaua: enough power for the 2-hours sermon of the local preacher, every night, full blast)
The surroundings are astounding, and the food excellent. Hiking is quite expensive, and you must allow yourself at least 3 full days of staying if you want to see the main attractions: Lake Letas (add another day for Mt Garet Volcano), Siri waterfalls and water music played by Gaua women (they recently performed in Saragoza, Spain: just when we were in Gaua to see them!!). Been there in August 2008.

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