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Sometimes we have something to say and no good place to post it. Vanuatu Aelan Walkabaot now has a blog where we can post helpful articles, anecdotes and opinions. There's no publishing schedule and we are not planning a huge volume of posts. This blog is not for personal content, there are sites like travelblog for that. If you would like to contribute then contact us.

This page lists the most recent postings, top down.

Gifting in Melanesia
By Stephen, January 2012
To gift successfully in Vanuatu you need to understand somthing about Melanesian society. Read the full story.

Vila, no thanks
By Stephen, October 2011
Returning from the outer islands, Port Vila town is not so nice. Read the full story.

Get connected - using mobile phones in Vanuatu
By Stephen, May 2011
Mobile phones are becoming more affordable, widespread and useful in Vanuatu. Read the full story.

Bungalow boom on Nguna
By Stephen, January 2011
There used to be just three bungalows on Nguna, now there are eight. Read the full story.

Strong biscuits
By Stephen, January 2011
Here I reviewed the variety of cabin crackers available in Vanuatu. Read the full story.

Lonely Planet in retreat - the new 6th Edition
By Stephen, January 2010
I do not recommend the 6th edition because it is incomplete. Read the full story.

Wanem kaen tin ia?
By Stephen, January 2010
Canned fish and meat ("tin") is almost a Vanuatu staple. There are many strange tins in Vanuatu. Read the full story.

By Stephen, October 2009
Business, not philanthropy, brought telecommunications to rural Ni-Vanuatu. Read the full story.

The handy bush knife
By Stephen, June 2009
This article includes some tips for choosing and purchasing a bush knife (machete). Read the full story.

Vila to Santo by ship
By Stephen, May 2009

Forget your romantic expectations, travelling from Vila to Santo by ship is hard going. Read the full story.

Better late than never, a review of Lonely Planet Vanuatu and New Caledonia, 5th Edition.
By Stephen, May 2009

The 5th edition fits a lot of information about Vanuatu into 161 pages. Read the full story.

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