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By Stephen
January 2010

For breakfast, lunch and in the bush, cabin crackers ('strong biskits') are almost a Vanuatu staple. They have a long shelf life, are convenient, lightweight and pack well. I have climbed Santo Pic (three nights in the bush) with only stong biskits and tin tuna. Here I review the variety of cabin crackers available in Vanuatu.

FMF Biscuit Crackers
The white FMF crackers ('Fiji biskit') are the best biscuit in the Pacific. They are plain but not bland and crisp but not hard. These versatile biscuits are suitable for breakfast, lunch and (if you are in the bush and it's raining) dinner. They are good plain, with peanut butter or tin fish.
Ingredients: Wheat flour, vegetable fats and/or oils (palm), salt, sugar, antioxidants (320, 321), preservative (223).
Mass: 375 g.
Retail price: 100 Vatu.


VSB Breakfast Crackers
Wong Sze Sing bought the old Lees ('biskit blong Vanuatu') factory in Luganville. 'Santo biskits' are a poor imitation of FMF Breakfast Crackers. They are hard, slightly burnt and very plain. I used to buy VSB crackers because they were the cheapest. Now 120 Vatu at Wong Sze Sing's store, VSB is not recommended!
Ingredients: Wheat flour, 100% vegetable oil, salt, sugar.
Mass: 375 g
Retail price: 120 Vatu.


Punja's Breakfast Crackers
Punja's is a Fijian Indian company with another copy of FMF crackers. Punja's Breakfast Crackers are a bit burnt, a bit bland and not too hard. These crackers are acceptable and a little cheaper than the competition.
Ingredients: Wheat flour, vegetable shortening (hydrogenated palm oil), salt, sugar, yeast, baking powder (500).
Mass: 375 g.
Price 90 or 95 Vatu.


Finefare Breakfast Crackers
Finefare is another FMF product line, better known for their sweet 'krim biskits'. Finefare Breakfast Crackers are more 'swit biskit' biscuit than cabin cracker. The addition of milk results in a dense biscuit with a fine texture. Finefare crackers do not go well with tin fish. They are OK plain, for breakfast and pikinini's like them.
Ingredients: Wheat flour, vegetable fats and/or oils (palm), mineral salts (500, 503), sugar, yeast, non-fat milk solids, antioxidants (320, 321), preservative (223), flavour.
Mass: 375 g.
Price: 120 Vatu

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Anon wrote:
I remeber these biskits...I am pining for them. Must be time for a visit to Vanuatu!
12 February 2012, 11:37

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