Sailing canoe, Maskelynes, Vanuatu
Giant clam, Maskelynes, Vanuatu
Malog Island Resort, Maskelynes, Vanuatu
Sakao island, Maskelynes, Vanuatu
Mangroves, Maskelynes, Vanuatu
Ringi Te Suh, Maskelynes, Vanuatu
Flower, Malekula, Vanuatu
Sea cucumber, Makelynes, Vanuatu
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The Maskelyne Islands, South Malekula
The Maskelynes are a group of low lying islands with extensive reefs and mangroves off the southeast tip of Malekula. Dive boats and cruising yachts are regular visitors. The conservation areas around Uluveo and Sakao feature good snorkelling.

Uluveo (also called Maskelyne) is the main island in the group and has three villages. It's a small island and you can walk around it about an hour. Villagers travel in canoes to Sakao Island or to the mainland to plant their gardens.

There are guesthouses in every village on Uluveo but several are not widely promoted. We feature three:
Malaflaf Beach Bungalows, Lutes
Malog Island Resort, Peskarus
Manu Guesthouse, Pellonk

There is one more bungalow on the VTO website, Limereh Guest House at Peskarus. Please send us an update if you can.

A few contacts that could prove helpful are listed below. Eddie and Cedric can pass bookings on to bungalows and guesthouses:

Eddie Hill, Co-ordinator, Maskelyne Islands Tourism Committee: 568 4309 (mobile)
Cedric Philip, President, Maskelyne Islands Tourism Committee: 775 1463 (mobile)
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There are three marine conservation areas in the Maskelynes:

Lovhvari Marine Conservation Area, Uluveo

Nombong Sakao Marine Conservation Area, Sakao

Ringi Te Suh Marine Conservation Area, Uluveo

Services and Suggestions
Every village on Uluveo has telephones and stores. The stores are quite well stocked and some even sell Tusker beer (300 Vatu per bottle).
There's a medical clinic near the Sangalai Primary School, close to Lutes.

A speedboat from Point Doucere on the mainland to Uluveo takes about one hour and costs 400 Vatu shared (4000 Vatu for a charter). Every village has a speedboat but they don't run every day. There are usually boats waiting at Point Doucere when Air Vanuatu flights land at Lamap's airstrip. If there's nobody around you may sit on the beach and wait.

Lamap airport is about 5 km south of Lamap (60 minutes walk) and Point Doucere is a further 20 to 30 minutes walk. A truck charter from Lamap to the airport is 1200 Vatu (100 Vatu if shared). See our Malekula page for Air Vanuatu flight details and more transport information.

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