Tree orchid at Duviara Conservation Area, Ambae, Vanuatu
Stream at Duviara Conservation Area, Ambae, Vanuatu
Duviara Conservation Area, Ambae

Duviara Conservation Area presents a relatively easy opportunity to see some of Vanuatu's cloud forest. Declared in 1996, the area reserves about 50 hectares. It's small but there are large expanses of similar, untouched rainforest around Ambae's summit.

Duviara and the Manaro lakes won a Commeanwealth Youth Programme Silver Award in 2008.

The mountain forests of Ambae host 12 endemic plants and orchids and an endemic freshwater fish. It's an interesting place for bird watching with more than 25 species. Browse higher resolution pictures on our Vanuatu Protected Areas Showcase.

The Duviara conservation area belongs to Paul Vuhu. He has a guesthouse near the start of the track to the crater lakes. Guides are 2000 Vatu per day. There is apparently no fee for the conservation area itself.

First surveyed: November 2004 by Stephen.
Last updated: March 2010 by Stephen.

Duviara Guesthouse Ambae

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