Bungalow Ratings

We assign a rating to a bungalow considering its setting, accommodation standard, food, service quality and value for money. It's difficult to quantify these subjective criteria and there are only three levels. Also some bungalows are strong in some areas but weak in others.

You can use the ratings to filter your selection then it's recommended to read the bungalow pages to get a better idea of what a bungalow is like. We estimate ratings where we haven't actually surveyed a bungalow (stayed there). Also check out our Visitors Ratings page to see how travellers have rated the places they have been to.

Rating What the place may be like...
Resort like (idyllic) with a good standard and reasonably priced. A more basic place may be high rated if the location is good and it's excellent value.
Guesthouse (comfortable). Satisfactory, with everything you need. A higher standard place might be down rated if it is not reasonably priced.
Grass Hut (basic). You may need to be prepared for roughing it although some of these places are great. A better place might be down rated if it is not good value.


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