The logging companies didn't get this one!, Loru Rainforest Protected Area, Santo, Vanuatu
Loru bat recording, Santo, Vanuatu
Click the above image to listen to a recording of bats in the dark part of the cave.
Loru Rainforest Protected Area, Santo

The Loru Rainforest Protected Area covers 220 hectares of lowland rainforest on the the island of Espiritu Santo. It is one of the last areas of representative forest on the east coast.

Bush walking and bird watching are popular visitor activities at Loru. The forest hosts about 28 bird species including 5 Vanuatu endemics. Loru also has a bat cave and is an important refuge for coconut crabs.

Efforts to protect the area were initiated in 1993 by the kastom landowner, Chief Caleb Ser. The area received an official launch from high chiefs, councillors and government officials on 26 April 1995. Loru was the winner of the Pacific Islands Community Forests and Trees Award in 1999.

The Loru Environment Centre is run by the village-based Loru Protected Area Committee (LoPAC). A small visitors fee of 500 Vatu per person is charged to help sustain the protected area. Guide fees are not set - about 1000 Vatu per day is reasonable. You can camp at Loru but there's no water.

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Loru Camping Santo

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