Vanuatu Protected Areas Showcase | Lake Fanteng Conservation Area
The Vanuatu Protected Areas Showcase is an initiative to promote nature tourism in Vanuatu. We hope these photos will surprise and inspire prospective visitors. Your visit will help support community-based conservation areas in Vanuatu. Wantok Environment Centre.
Megapode laying site
Vanuatu Scrubfowl Megapodius layardi incubate their eggs by burying them in warm ground at communal nesting sites. Starting in 1993, various conservation initiatives have been carried out on Ambrym as a partnership between local chiefs, communities, landowners, a local theatre group and conservationists. A key intitative has been an annual closed season on the harvesting of eggs applied through Ambrym's three chiefly councils. Visit Lake Fanteng.
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Vanuatu Aelan Walkabaot
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