Rugged west Erromango coast, Vanuatu
Giant Kauri tree, Erromango, Vanuatu
Sunrise behind the mountains, Erromango, Vanuatu
Transport by speedboat can be tricky, Erromango, Vanuatu
Ipota airstrip, Erromango, Vanuatu
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Erromango, bush walking, hiking and trekking
Erromango is largely unpopulated and undeveloped. Today, the island's main source of income is sandalwood (the season runs from June to August each year), supplemented by lobsters and coconut crabs.

Harvesting sandalwood from the native forests is all done by manual labour, much the same as during the 19th century. It's a lucrative business and sandalwood planting is becoming popular.

There was logging around Ipota in the south during the 1970s and 1980s. A logging road runs almost across the island. The next big thing is reported to be limestone mining for export to New Caledonia.

Erromango is close to Efate and airfares are relatively cheap. It's a good place for trekking and bushwalking. The Kauri forests are supposed to be an attraction but remoteness and big kastom fees are a deterrent. Simply walking around the island could be more enjoyable. Walking plans and routes are described on our Walking Erromango page. Erro can easily be combined with a trip to Tanna.

There are mobile phone towers at Dillon's Bay (both Digicel and Smile, June 2011). Please contact us if you can update our phone numbers.

Upongkor (Dillon's Bay) is the largest village on Erromango. It has a few basic stores (that might be empty), a water supply, generators and a medical dispensary. There are two places to stay at Dillon's Bay:
Meteson's Guesthouse
PWMU Guesthouse

At Ipota, there is one place to stay:
Sandalwood Guest House

Elsewhere on Erromango there is no tourist infrastructure (and no tourists).

Air Transport
There are two airstrips on Erromango: one in the northwest (Dillon's Bay) and another in the southeast (Ipota). Note that the Dillon's Bay airstrip may be closed if it's raining due to low cloud cover and/or wet conditions.

Air Vanuatu flies to Erromango on tuesday and saturday and flights connect through Tanna (October 2011). You can download a schedule from the Air Vanuatu website. Return air fares from Port Vila are about 18425 Vatu to Dillon's Bay and 20450 Vatu to Ipota (July 2010). Tourists with a return Air Vanuatu international ticket are entitled to a 20% discount on these fares. Exchange Rates.

Transport around the island
There's only one road on Erromango, which runs for about 9 km from Upongkor to the Dillon's Bay airstrip. A truck charter costs 3000 Vatu or a shared ride is about 500 Vatu. Don't be surprised if the truck doesn't turn up to meet your flight or breaks down. Be prepared to walk (about two and a half hours).

A speedboat charter from Dillon's Bay to Pongkil Bay is about 6000 Vatu and to South River about 12000 Vatu. At Pongkil Bay there's no estuary and getting ashore often involves jumping onto the rocks (good fun!).

Speedboats between Ipota and Port Narvin are 10000 to 12000 Vatu (1000 Vatu shared, if you're lucky). To Cook's Bay it's about 6000 Vatu (as low as 300 to 500 Vatu shared) and then a short 1.5 hour walk over the hill. The best time to find a boat at Ipota is on Air Vanuatu flight days.

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