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Uninhabited Inyeug (Mystery) Island features Vanuatu's most private bungalow. Since nobody lives here, the bungalows are self catering and you need to bring at least some of your food with you. Local produce is available on the mainland and there are basic stores.

Flights to Aneityum are once a week. Most visitors spend a few days on Mystery Island and then move to the mainland for the rest of their stay.

Costs and Booking
Accommodation on Mystery Island is good value at 1500 Vatu per person, self catering, payable in Vatu cash. Exchange Rates.

Mystery Island is a community based tourism project. The island tourism committee now has an office in Anelgauhat (there's usually someone there on weekday mornings).
Telephone: 68888
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Sorry, you will have to type this address yourself. We use images to prevent spammers from harvesting addresses from our site.

Vanuatu Tourism Office web page: Mystery Island Bungalows

Accommodation and Food
The bungalows and restaurant were upgraded in 2004 and the family bungalow refurbished in 2005. There are two twin bungalows constructed of local materials, each with one single bed and one double bed. The big family bungalow has four rooms and five beds. Bedding, bath towels and toilet paper are provided. The doors have locks. There are no mosquitoes on Mystery Island. There is no electricity and kerosene lamps are used for lighting. Water for drinking, washing and cooking is from a rainwater tank (buckets are used in the kitchen and shower).

There are plenty of toilets all about the island (for the cruise ship tourists) of the dry pit type with plastic toilet seats.

The new kitchen is very good with a gas stove and oven, kitchen sink and all the pots, pans, plates, cups, glasses and cutlery you should need. Matches, dishwashing liquid, scourers and sponges are also supplied. You really only need to bring your food. Local fruit, vegetables and seafood are available - ask your hosts. There is no electricity and no refrigeration.

Services and Suggestions
At most times you will be alone on Mystery Island except for service visits by your hosts, once a day except on the sabbath. The airport phone was dead in August 2004 and again in April 2006 - be prepared for total isolation.

First surveyed: August 2004 by Stephen.
Last updated: April 2006 by Stephen.

Visitor Ratings for Mystery Island Bungalows, Mystery Island Rate it
Date Ratings Comments
14/06/2012 Standard


What beautiful people! A truly amazing place and somewhere I will definateley re visit again
28/01/2012 Standard


These bungalows are supposed to be closed down, but hopefully we've managed to convince the community to keep them going. Absolutely amazing location, surreal and dreamlike.
We struggled to get hold of anyone to book our accommodation (the number on this website didn't work and the tourism office couldn't help us. Also we had no response from the email address) We finally managed to contact Louise on 779 6469
There are now two flights a week to the island and you will be tested for malaria when you arrive (Aneityum is malaria-free). You really do need to bring some food with you. The store in Anelgauhat had very little stock when we were there so we had to rely on the fruit that was dropped off on the island daily.
At this point in time there is only TVL coverage (there is a cell tower on the island itself). Our Digicel phone didn't work.
30/11/2011 Standard


We had a great time and enjoyed the empty island. It is great place for couples. We were well loktafterd by Louise and Lony. Make sure to take finns when you go snorkeling.
Check our blog for more info and pics
06/07/2010 Standard


An incredible place - the island is beautiful, the people are wonderful - you'd be a fool to miss it! worth every penny of the flight down. Can't recommend it enough!
29/04/2007 Standard


Wir besuchten Aneityum und buchten Mystery Island Bungalows. Mit unseren Standards nicht zu messen, doch für diese Verhältnisse und Ruhesuchende ein wahrer Traum. Aneityum ist Faszination und wir finden diese kleine Insel ist schöner als viele der Vanuatu Inseln. Wir haben diese Insel lieb gewonnen und werden bei unserer nächsten Bootsreise dort wieder anlegen. Das ist sicher. Sie kennen die aufgesetzte Freundlichkeit in Spitzenhotels? Wir auch, doch diese Menschen auf Aneityum sind die ehrlichsten, freundlichsten und zuvorkommensten, die wir auf unseren langen Reisen jemals erlebten. ALSO: Sollten sie über kein Boot verfügen, checken Sie Ihr Reisebüro und buchen sie 10 Tage auf Aneityum. Viele Grüße Christine und Wolfgang Dietz
31/01/2007 Standard


Attractive and unspoilt.
Possibility of kayaks would be a plus, esp for the big island hop after hours when you forget to tell the tourism operator for a pickup.
24/10/2006 Standard


Stayed four nights in Oct 06 - could have stayed 10. Check if cargo ship has stocked shops recently. We spoke to a couple before we visited so we knew the shops were restocked. The best groceries were at the lefthand end of anelhaut. If you like a beer or wine, buy before you go as Aneitiyum is a dry island to stop youth problems. We were left alone over weekend so make sure you have preorganised food. We had organised a fresh bread and tuna steak drop off which was good. Water tank was low but four drums of water delivered from main island. The water was fine and piped down from mountains to Anelhaut.
Snorkelling good with lots of fish, coral although it was rough and current was strong when I went at high tide. We took our son snorkling when tide was lower and current safer.
21/10/2006 Standard


No words can describe such a paradise! I have never seen a place like this in the whole world. Truly a lifetime experience. Good bungalow, good location, lovely people, peaceful and tranquil setting. Stayed here in September 2006. I had the best time of my Vanuatu holiday here.
10/01/2006 Standard


Visited in December 2005.

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