Become a Guardian of the Loru Rainforest
Why become a Guardian?
Loru Rainforest

Loru needs outside support to survive and progress. By becoming a Guardian of the Loru Rainforest you will be playing a crucial part in the conservation work at Loru by providing the funds needed to help protect and maintain the Loru Rainforest and ensure that the Loru Environment Centre has the money needed to continue its vital work. Without support, the project cannot continue.

How do I become a Guardian?

We have selected 300 trees in the Loru rainforest that have been given numbers as part of a tree survey. Each of these trees needs an annual sponsor in order to sustain Loru. By sponsoring a tree, you become a Guardian of the Loru Rainforest.

How much is needed?
Our yearly target is US$9000 (approx. GB£6000), which is the minimum the project needs to keep going. We are therefore asking for at least US$30 (approx. GB£20) per tree to make the scheme work.
Who has funded the project until now?

The project has been supported through small fund raising initiatives in the UK and through short-term grants from various sources including IUCN, British High Commission (Port Vila) and BirdLife International. These are not long-term funding solutions and the big challenge now is to make the project financially sustainable.

What do I get in return?
You will receive a personalised Guardian of the Loru Rainforest Certificate as a reminder of what you are helping to sustain. This can be sent as a gift to a friend, relative or colleague with a message of your choice. By becoming a Guardian of the Loru Rainforest, you will be making a real difference to community-level conservation work in Vanuatu.
How do I apply?

You can become a Guardian of the Loru Rainforest using our on-line donation facility by clicking here.