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Walk in the rainforest at Loru

If you feel like getting away and experiencing the real Vanuatu, why not visit the Loru Rainforest Protected Area and Loru Environment Centre?

The Loru Rainforest Protected Area is situated in the lowland rainforests of Santo. Established in 1993 by Chief Caleb Ser, the 220 hectare reserve supports a rich variety of Vanuatu's bird, bat and plant life as well as a diverse range of marine species in the two-kilometre stretch of fringing reef.

Guides from the local village of Kole 1 are available to help you enjoy the natural delights of Loru including the famous Loru bat caves, the impressive banyan tree with its sacred stone and the giant coconut crabs. Large display boards in the environment centre also give visitors a colourful insight into Vanuatu's environmental heritage and some of the challenges rural people are facing.

A small fee of 500vatu per person is charged to help further the important conservation work of the Loru Protected Area Committee.

Please note: Loru is a low-impact tourism destination. This means that your visit should not have a negative effect on the Protected Area or the local community. The only things you should leave behind are your footprints!

Loru Coconut Crab
How to get there and where to stay
Relax at the nearby
Lonnoc Beach Bungalows (click photo)

Loru is on the northeast coast of Santo island, about one hour by local transport from the main town of Luganville. A 4x4 and driver can be hired in the town by stopping vehicles with a "T" at the start of their number plates. Alternatively you can arrange a tour with a tour guide on the main street or hire a self-drive 4x4 at Santo Hotel.

Loru does not have a telephone so you will need to call into the village of Kole 1 to pick up a guide. The village is about 50mins from town and about 3km from Loru. To get there, follow the main east coast road and take a right turn at the Loru sign, which has a tin roof. Keep going straight for about 3km until you reach the village. Ask for Chief Caleb or Warakar Ser and they will arrange a guide for you. Most people understand a little English if you speak slowly.

The nearest accommodation is the picturesque Lonnoc Beach Bungalows. This is locally owned and run and is about 25 minutes further north from Loru on the main road. Lonnoc can arrange tours to both Loru and the Vatthe Conservation Area.

For the more adventurous traveller, Loru has its own hammocks and small eco-lodge where you can stay for a small fee. Space for tents is also available. Please note there is no running water or electricity and the toilets are composting pit latrines. Local food is available on request.

Sleeping in Hammocks at Loru
Further Information

Further information on what you can see at Loru can be found on the following PDF documents:

For information in visiting Vanuatu, please refer to the National Tourism Office or Island Safaris. We strongly recommend the Lonely Planet Guide to Vanuatu, which is available from most good bookshops. Please note that the map showing the road to Loru in this guide is wrong.

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